Friday, April 3, 2009

Showing Love.

Today I kind of wish I was in Reno. To be apart of a group of people from all groups that are joining together to show a group of misled Christians love. 

Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church ( is coming to Reno to protest the GSA Summit at UNR. They have been on UNR's campus before where they yelled hateful words to passing students, telling them, "God Hates You" "God Hates Reno" "You are all sinners!" Many Renoites remember the hateful protest WBC staged at the memorial service for Brianna Dennison, in front of South Reno Baptist, and on campus. 

It's sad, I'm wondering if this is the same group that Brody Harper ran into in Baton Rouge. They were protesting in front of a venue that was hosting The Rock & Worship Road Show a Christian Concert. Yelling at the Christians telling they were evil and sinners and bad examples for going to a Christian rock concert!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Continuing on!

I'm failing at this blog again, oops!

So a few weeks ago I went to a Searchfest PDX in Portland for work. I sat in on some interesting and seminars. One being on blogging, a main thing to do is find a niche and stick with it. I'm still not sure what my niche should be. Let alone being any good at this blogging game. 

Lately I've been getting more involved with stuff. I'm excited about helping out more with my church's youth group. Especially after going on the snowboarding trip with them. This August they are going on a mission trip to San Francisco and I'm so proud of them and excited to be there for them as they prepare their hearts and minds for this challenging step of their lives. They will be working with inner city kids, street witnessing, and in soup kitchens. 

I've also have been putting forth more effort to learn the guitar. It's taken me 4 years to do it, but now I finally have the time to focus on it. It was hard when I was in school since I had to put in 6 hours of practice a week each on the clarinet and piano. (someday I will teach music) I'm really enjoying playing the guitar cause it's a new outlet to worship God.