Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends are Good.

So last night I got to hang out with these guys.  They are amazing.  I talked about them in my last post, and I'm still amazed at how blessed I am to know them.  They came over and hung out. We watched some TV and chatted. Then we went to see the midnight showing of Step Brothers.

I thought it was good-ish. There was a few scenes that were not o.k. It explained why it was rated R.   It was funny, especially the appearance of chewbacca in a few scenes!  Other than the raunchiness it was funny. 

After the movies we said our goodbyes and life goes on.  I guess I say that because it's nice to just take a step out of everyday life and hang out with friends.  In a way I feel special knowing that I'm friends with guys in a rock band, but at the same time they are just incredible people sharing the message of God to people. This is their mission, what Gods leading them to do. Even though it's a tough time to be touring and paying for gas, they still take the time to come out and share God's word. 

I love that every time I get to hang out with them I get to just sit back and see that they are normal people with a passion to share God's word. I love them for that and I can't say it enough at how much they enrich my life through their music and through their friendship.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night I went and saw A Current Affair, Ever Stays Red, and The Fold play. All three bands are incredibly awesome and the concert was a blast. The lead singer of the Fold pointed this out and I agree. It's only at a Christian concert where three different groups with different styles and get together and play a concert and have one thing in common and that is God. It's true you have the hard rock/screamo sound of A Current Affair to a rock worship band of Every Stays Red and then the indie rock sound of the Fold.

It's awesome because I can bring friends and the variety of the sounds will appeal to any of them, and I love the small concert too because afterwards we get to meet the artist. I remember bring my friend Melody to a ESR concert way back when she still lived in town and it was fun going out to In-n-Out with the bands afterward and hanging out.

I really needed something like this. It reminds me of how great God is and just how amazed I am at the people God has put in my life. Just knowing the Ever Stays Red guys and the fact that they recognize me, say hi, and give me hugs just makes all the troubles go away. I'm the shy girl that has to put her self out there to recognized and with them I don't have to do anything. (well maybe it was because Liz and I went to AZ, borrow a car from them, then went to see them at all the concerts they did in their home area, then help them load up after the concerts, then accidentally forgetting my cell phone at their church and haveing to have them mail it to parents cause I was leaving for Thailand the next week.)

Yup it's totally a God thing. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Could I do it?

So this morning I started reading 1 Samuel. Overview of the 1st chapter is that Hannah is one of Elkanah wives and she couldn't have children but Elkanah still loved her more than his other wife who succeeded in have many kids for him. Which caused the other wife to torment and ridicule Hannah constantly. So one day Hannah goes to the temple and prays so hard to be given a son that the priest thought she was drunk. While she was praying she tells God that if he gives her a son she promises that she would give the son to the Lord.

So what happens? God blesses her with a son and onces he has been weaned she takes him to the temple so that he may serve the Lord.

So as I was driving to work I was thinking could I do it? If I wanted something so badly as to ask for it then say once I get it I will give it away, could I do it? Could you?

Monday, July 21, 2008

So much to say!

There's just so much to say. A lot has happened and yet I'm such a slacker that I haven't posted in a while. I guess I'll start there.

I have a friend who like to make fun of my for blogging and so she asked me if I have written a blog lately. I laughed cause it reminded me of a old co-worker Ed. He would get so fired up if someone said they were going to write a Blog. He would say your not writing a blog, cause that would require writing a ton of post to say your are writing a blog. I you can say you wrote a post, or a blog post. It's funnier coming from him since he is a comedian.

I got new piercings! There was a grand opening of a new tattoo and piercing place and they were having $7 piercings. I originally wanted a nape piecing, but I got my traguses done instead.

I ran out of Prescription benefits And now have to pay $240 for my Diabetes Meds... I cried... A LOT.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Most

So i bought this The Most today. I don't have the money too but I did anyways. I watch a video on GodTube that had clips of the movie on it. Then I went to the website and watched the trailer and felt like I had to get it. It would be a good thing to watch with some friends and then later talk about how it relates to God. Here's the video that got me wanting the movie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's Lovely


He's pretty incredible and I love his stuff! And the greatest part is... This album is free!! yup Free! and it sounds good from the clips I have heard. So you should get it and help spread the word. Go to Phil Wickam's Blog to get one of the nifty Ad and hear a clip from the album.


So I now have a place to live next month. It was a great relief to finally have that part done. This has been a very stressful time for me. It was down to me praying everyday asking God if I was supposed to live with the people I'm moving in with, if the area is going to be best for us, and how I was going to financially pay for the new Apartment. Plus I've been renting houses for so long would I be able to move back into an apartment?

We'll find out, we signed the papers yesterday and I'm ready for the new experience.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

Blood Sugars: was running late and didn't do... I'm awful I know. :(

So I have been following Brody Harpers blog and he and few other bloggers does this thing called Positive Post Tuesday. I figure I give it a try. The gist of Positive Post Tuesday is pretty simple, you write something nice about someone, building them up, and encourage them.

Lately I've been weary. This last weekend I was back in good old Elko. I helped with some home improvement projects that my sisters and brother in-law started. While there I hung out with some friends that I went to school with. The normal crowd really, the people I always hang out with because they are the easiest to get a hold of and they are the ones that really want to hang out with me. It sound conceded I know, but when you spend 12 hours fixing up a house, you really don't want to put forth the effort to get a hold of people.

I hung out with my best friend Cat (I would link to her but she doesn't blog) which is a blessing. It's nice to have that person from high school to help you see where you've come from and how you've change since high school. For us I think we both have gone through our tough times and through times where we have found our identities. I like talking to her cause it reminds me of how far we have both come, and how much we have grown. I think of how I was like in High School and compare to my life now and I thank God for all that he has done for me. I see Cat remember the days back in Jr. High when she was playing around with being wiccan and how she's a devout catholic now.

She's probably the one person that I make the biggest effort to see when I go and visit my home town. I thank God for friends like her.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cleaning House

Blood Sugars: 138

My body hurts. Can't complain though I didn't work as hard as my sisters and brother-in-law. But still managed to put my fair share of work. So now there's some new siding, and newly painted walls in my parents house. Good Times.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Blood Sugars 149

Lifes crazy!!! So I interviewed with Wells Fargo. Didn't get the Job. I wanted to work there, so that I can later advance into the IS field. What better way to do that too, I can analyzing the systems for Tellers and I would know what to fix cause I worked on them. Oh well, it wasn't where God wanted me to be. I'm going to hold off of the Job search for while.

So tomorrow is the town hall meeting concerning the budget cuts at UNR. I kind of feel hopeless about it. Even if we manage to save the band it would be mostly student ran, no scholarships, and Sully (Mr. Sullivan) will still most likely be fired. It sucks and sad.

There's been quite a bit of media coverage of it too. Here's an article that was in the RGJ. But us band geeks (university and high school), plus the Reno Phil, Reno Chamber Orchestra, Maytan Music, Absolute Music, Sparks Music, Toccata, and UNR Band Alumni are all going to be outside of it. Horns blaring and playing the Fight Song and Alma Matter (which the University made us stop playing last year... there goes tradition.)

All pictures I got from jlixdixon13's Flickr Page. It's got tons of awesome Nevada Pictures. The picture of the guy with the blue face and wig. I've painted that face for Basketball games for 5 years. I'm going to miss doing that stuff, I was the face painting guru... I had to pass off the bag o' goodies to the next face painting guru.