Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I wonder.

I wonder if anyone reads this. I'm not good at this whole blog thing. My life has become a series of 140 character twitter updates. haha.

So this is what's been going on in the life of Sarah Ng.

Now that I'm free text books and enter the world of paying back student loans, I have learned that I don't have as much free time as I thought I would. All the projects I said I would get too have gone undone. I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. (I switch from Music Ed and am still wondering if it was a good choice)

I'm working from my apartment now. Ohio is not happening now. My boss moved out there, but from what I understand is that I don't have to move. Which is a blessing, I've gotten more involved with Harvest and gotten closer to my family that lives in Reno.

I'm playing guitar more. It's good! I've had my guitar for almost 4 years now and it's about time that I start learning to play it. I play it for my bible study on Tuesday nights and for Youth Group, and I'm far from being able to lead worship on it. It's amazing how God works, I'm learning guitar but in the process of learning I'm also reaching out and showing the Youth Group kids how to play too. So in a way God is still using me to Teach Music.

I've been going to Young Adults too, and it's nice to actually have a group of friends that have a strong foundation in their beliefs. I guess what I mean is, it's nice to be around a group of 20 somethings that aren't going out getting drunk, cussing, or trying to be better than people. We are starting to meet on Saturdays, which is great in my book cause it keeps people from getting into trouble.

I'm still struggling with stuff of the world, but it's been getting better. Something I don't want to let go, like certain friends and activities but I'm getting there. As for relationships, I'm still struggling with it. It's hard sometimes being around people who are 4 to 5 years younger than me that are already married and have babies, but at the same time I know I'm not ready for that chapter of life.

I'm still hoping for a great Christian guy that God has set aside for me. hm... that's another post. The kind of guy I'm waiting for. I'll have to share it with some of the youth girls. haha.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Showing Love.

Today I kind of wish I was in Reno. To be apart of a group of people from all groups that are joining together to show a group of misled Christians love. 

Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church (www.godhatesfags.com) is coming to Reno to protest the GSA Summit at UNR. They have been on UNR's campus before where they yelled hateful words to passing students, telling them, "God Hates You" "God Hates Reno" "You are all sinners!" Many Renoites remember the hateful protest WBC staged at the memorial service for Brianna Dennison, in front of South Reno Baptist, and on campus. 

It's sad, I'm wondering if this is the same group that Brody Harper ran into in Baton Rouge. They were protesting in front of a venue that was hosting The Rock & Worship Road Show a Christian Concert. Yelling at the Christians telling they were evil and sinners and bad examples for going to a Christian rock concert!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Continuing on!

I'm failing at this blog again, oops!

So a few weeks ago I went to a Searchfest PDX in Portland for work. I sat in on some interesting and seminars. One being on blogging, a main thing to do is find a niche and stick with it. I'm still not sure what my niche should be. Let alone being any good at this blogging game. 

Lately I've been getting more involved with stuff. I'm excited about helping out more with my church's youth group. Especially after going on the snowboarding trip with them. This August they are going on a mission trip to San Francisco and I'm so proud of them and excited to be there for them as they prepare their hearts and minds for this challenging step of their lives. They will be working with inner city kids, street witnessing, and in soup kitchens. 

I've also have been putting forth more effort to learn the guitar. It's taken me 4 years to do it, but now I finally have the time to focus on it. It was hard when I was in school since I had to put in 6 hours of practice a week each on the clarinet and piano. (someday I will teach music) I'm really enjoying playing the guitar cause it's a new outlet to worship God. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking a Break

Sometimes its good to just take a break from people, and be by yourself. 

I think I'm going to break communications for a while and not really talk to people and just focus on God and the things I need to do to set my heart right. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old Messages

So I'm going through and cleaning out my myspace inbox and here are some interesting things I'm findings.

I use to have a disclaimer about how I want to be friends with people who genuinely want to be my friend, not another Asian chick to add to this list. Yeah saw a few messages from random guys asking to be my friend and their friend list is all half naked Asians. I laughed.

Then there's messages like this
ng a ling, kinda like ring a ding. haha all well. hi

I gave advice that I need to hear now. 
Hey! So today at church the sermon was about relationships and marriage it made me think of you and I decided to share. 

I got a lot out of this sermon, because I tend to want a boyfriend more than God at times, and so it was really helpful to me.

It was based off of 1 Corinthians 7. 
The main points of the talk was that
1. You should marry/be in a relationship with only a fellow believer (2 Cor. 6:14)
2. You should Marry/ be in a relationship with someone who feels the same way you do about God (Your passions, purpose and calling) Just because they are Christian (or claim to be)- Doesn't mean they are a good/God match
3. They should compliment you and be a help in fulfilling your God-Given calling.
4. You should be ready to accept the responsibilities and added concerns that go with Marriage/Relationship.

Singleness isn't a disease. Find out what God is calling you to do before finding that person to be with. Find that person that has the same passions as you. Find the person that compliments you, the person that helps you to be the person you both want to be together. 

Have patience. God will bring the person he has picked out for you someday.
I learned that when I was having Identity problems with going on a mission trip and having my parents permission without dishonoring them some of my non christians friends stepped up with advice that was quite meaning full. 

Alright, I may not be the best Christian, and sometimes I wonder even if I am anymore, but here goes... When God asked Moses to talk to Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, he complained, "Who am I to go to Pharaoh?" Moses was also risking possible death to appear before Pharaoh, but God was with him. Even though he had to keep trying, he eventually succeeded because God was with him. I know God is with you you Sarah, you're an amazing girl, I'm sure if you ask God to soften your Parents heart, or help them understand, I'm sure they'll say yes. I hope this has been helpful. See ya at practice....
It was more helpful than what some of my Christians friends told me. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Suck at Snowboarding.

This weekend was amazing. I love working with youth kids. Maybe it's because I wish I was still 18. It started out a little crazy though. At first I wasn't sure if I was needed to rent a 15 passenger van or to drive my car. We didn't do either.

We ended up having a 5 car caravan, where we all manage to get lost or separated some how. For me, it would not have be a road trip is there weren't a few u-turns made haha!

Friday was a fun night of games, fellowship, and worship. I played the guitar and led worship, it was the first time I did that by myself. I'm use to having my friend Mikey play with me. I totally freaked out and messed up my first song. After that I was ok. :D

Tanner did a lesson on worship, which was really good it seemed like the kids were really listening to him. Then it was time for the boys and girls to separate to their ends of the condo we were staying in. It was so much fun playing games and getting to know the girls. We played Christian Blurt where a girl named Kayla kicked our butts.

Then it was early up to make breakfast, have some quite time reading James 4, and a mini talk about James 4. Then it was mayhem getting all the people ready to go in the cars and then off to Diamond peak!

It was good we were surprisingly organized when it came to getting the rental gear and to the lessons. I went with the girls for our lesson where we had Andrew (who was pretty!) as our teacher and I totally ate it. I wasn't really trying though, but I'm not going to lie I sucked! It's been a while since I've skateboarded and I couldn't get comfortable with the board cause of my bad left ankle and bad right knee.

In the end though it was so much fun! I rolled my way down the beginners hill. I'm sore mainly on my right side and I got to know some of the youth kids. They are awesome. I hope I can continue to be apart of their lives and just encourage them.

Oh and my friend Keith offered to go snowboarding with me again, so hopefully this time I'll try a little harder and not fall as much. :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing How God Works.

It's funny how God works. So a few weeks ago I was asked to chaperone a snowboarding trip for my church's Youth Group. I said I'd think about it and make sure it's something I could commit too.

I wasn't too sure about going. I'm a big klutz (I sprained my knee walking in the snow) and the last time I went snowboarding I was in High School. It was more like messing around on a board on this sad little hill. I've been skiing but that was ages ago too. So I thought about it a few days and asked for more details.

So I told Ryan the guy in charge that I was game and I would go. As I was writing the message back I felt this random need to ask about worship and if he wanted me to bring my guitar. I was very hesitant at first cause I'm not very good a guitar let alone playing it and singing at the same time. I actually was having some anxiety about asking if I should bring it, because if he said yes then I'm totally screwed! Yup that was the thought process.

Well, Ryan writes back and he was just totally floored. He said that he was freaking out about it, he really wanted to do worship but didn't know how to do it. Within the last few days he felt that God was calming him down about it and that it would be ok. So when I asked about worship he was like that was the answer he was looking for.

I messaged back explain how I felt and now even though I'm still freaking out about it, I'm not having any anxiety about it. Because now I know it is a total God thing.

God's Amazing.

Needless to say I'm borrowing some snow pants because I'm expecting to be "sitting" in the snow, A LOT.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twilight Bond

So my older sister's birthday is on the 13th.  I'm not good at presents so I always ask. So one day when I was on GTalk I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday and this is how our conversation went. 
me: hey.... what would you like for your birthday?

irene: i don't know i don't want anything. i'd like the twilight movie when it gets out (which I figured you'd appreciate) However, April would skin me and leave me hang to dry if I asked her

me: hehe that can happen haha.

irenethere are things that make us alike a bond our freakish baby sister will never understand
So needless to say tonight I'm pre-ordering Twilight for my sister. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I'm not going to lie. I tried to avoid the  Super Bowl. Really all I would watch it for would be the commercials and they get posted online within hours of the Super Bowl.

So this commercial caught my eye, only cause Diana and Michelle liked it so much.

As I was watching there was one scene that made me go, WOAH! The scene with Bruce Lee that was mirrored with a woman doing the same kick? That's Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon. What made me go woah was that fact that I met her.

It still amazes me how much has happened in my life the last few years. Meeting Sam and Ryan Hui, which in turn led me to meet Shannon Lee. At the time I was so star struck that it took till now for it to fully hit that I met someone that would be the clostest I would get to meeting Bruce Lee and that was his Daughter.

God is awesome and it's funny how we often miss out on the good things that happen in our lives versus the bad. I'm so thankful for the people God has brought into my life. 

By the way, she's super nice and has a great voice!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Something Different

So I put a template up for my layout for my blog. I don't like it, but this will have to do until I fine time to design something I like more. I just wanted something that wasn't the old layout cause it was too hard to read. so for now enjoy the template I got from Pyzam.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coffee Break

I'm two cups into my coffee break.
I'm sitting alone in the café from the way.
Reading all by myself
Turning my cell off just to breath
And everyone I know just keeps calling me.
And I just need a little time.

Cause I'm overcommiting myself.
I guess this is growing up
I'm sleeping so little these days.
I guess this is growing up
I'm feeling things are about to change
I'm guessing this is growin up
Yeah I'm growing up.

And my mom hates my guts.
She has every reason to
From all the things I do.
And it breaks me just to know
That I have torn her apart so many times.
So many times

Cause I've overcommitted myself.
I guess this is growing
I'm sleeping so little these days.
I guess this is growing up
I'm feeling things are about to change
I'm guessing this is growin up
Oh I'm guessing this is growing up

Now I'm done with my coffee break.
I turn on my phone.
Oh that I've grown up

Coffee Break Lyrics by Forever the Sickest Kids

I'm becoming a big fan of FTSK. I got to see them at Warped Tour, they have good fun CLEAN up beat music and Jonathan Cook is just absolutely the cutest thing. He sings, funny, cute, and Christian a total winner in my book!

So I was driving to work today and I finally took the time to really listen the lyrics of this song. It's funny how almost everything in this song reminded me of stuff I'm dealing with right now. I say almost everything in this song because I don't think my mom hates me. I'm sure I'm breaking her heart though. :^s

Sometimes Growing up is hard. Sometimes it hard to make decisions for youself without hurting others. Sometimes it's hard to follow Gods will. I'm still waiting for that feeling of, "You made the wrong decision! Turn around go back" to hit but it's hasn't. I know this is what God wants from me. It still doesn't mean I'm not going to freak out, cry, and loose it every once in awhile. I guess this is growing up.

It's hard to grow up when you hang out with a bunch of 17 - 22 yr olds all the time too.. haha 8^D Went bowling last night with some youth kiddies. Good Times!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You are just as valuable as any other person on planet Earth.

Pastor Pete posted about this at withoutwax.tv, Diana told me about it because she read it from there, today I read it. I was reduced to tears. Awesome Story

There are some games in which cheering for the other side feels better than winning.

Rubiks Race

I must be getting better at this blogging thing!

Today I bought Rubik's Race off of eBay. It's was made in 1982, and it was one of those games that brings back a lot of childhood memories.

I remember playing it at my cousins house every time we went to Reno for Christmas. The family Christmas in Reno stopped a long time ago which is sad to see happen, I don't get to see my cousins much anymore except of the occasional weddings and special occasions.

Anyways we would have hours of fun racing each other, we even had tournaments to find out who will be the top racer.

I was thinking about it one day and decided to try and buy it. At the time I thought it was ridiculous amount to pay for the game so I didn't. I looked around at a few thrift stores, local and online, but couldn't find it.

So today I went on eBay again just to find that its more money now. Should have gotten it early. But I got. I'm so excited that I can't wait for it to get in so I can play it with some friends. So worth the money for all the memories get with it.

What was your favorite childhood game?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Is it silly that the first question I asked to myself after I told my boss I would move was, "Who's going to play Rock Band with me?"

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Going to Happen

So I was kind of stressing out about this, but I knew what my answer would be. I think I was just hoping that someone to tell me not to go, and there were a few that did. But I knew what God was telling from before even knowing about this adventure. I knew I was supposed to leave Nevada. I just didn't think it would be to follow work or to Ohio.

So now I'm thinking, this is good and I'm going to do it. As scary as it is and as much there is to do and think about. I'm going to do it.

I'm going to move to Ohio.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choi

So today is Chinese New Year. The year will be the Year of the Ox.

So for fun a few friends and I looked up what our Chinese Zodiac said about ourselves and it was scary how close it was to some of us. Here's mine, I'm the year of the Boar. I added a few of my thoughts and comments.


Occupying the last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the 12th, the Pig symbolizes such character traits as diligence, compassion, and generosity. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining, others enjoy their company. Pigs are giving souls and reap much enjoyment when they’re helping others, but sometimes they give too much. Honesty is what Pigs give and it’s what they expect to receive in return. **This is so me!**

Pigs seek peace and will do what is necessary to maintain it. This trait, while admirable, sometimes makes it easy for others to take advantage of Pigs. Pigs are always doing for others, helping anyway they can, but rarely will they ask others for help. This can overwhelm and stress them, but Pigs don’t mind. **Um. Well Some times I mind. As for the keeping the peace part. I'm told it's very true. I just thought I was being optimistic.**

When it comes to money, Pigs enjoy spending more than saving. They gravitate towards name brand items. Thriftiness happens only occasionally, but Pigs do know how to find great deals. **Guilty as charged. I don't know about the name brand business though. I try to avoid them.**


Always seeking fun, Pigs often indulge more than they should. Excessive eating, drinking and smoking can cause sickness. Pigs aren’t very active and, combined with their excessive behaviors, cause them to gain weight. Pigs are social and being alone makes them unhappy. Pigs would benefit from adopting a healthier lifestyle. **OK now this is getting really scary!**


Pigs enjoy helping at work and can always be counted on. They enjoy opportunities that allow them to express their creativity. Pigs are detail-oriented, a trait admired by management. Pigs aren’t afraid to take on responsibility. Some good career choices for Pigs include: entertainer, caterer, doctor, veterinarian, or interior decorator. They’d do well in retail or hospitality. **SCARY!!**


Supportive and giving, Pigs make great partners. They’re affectionate and sexual and prefer staying home to going out. They enjoy what they have, especially their home and family. Once they find the right partner, they’re typically committed for the long-term. **Hmm... That's good to know. I wonder if boars are supposed to be as impatient as I am though?**

Pigs and the 5 elements **(I didn't add all five only added my year on here)**

Water Pigs – Years 1923 and 1983

Water Pigs are trustworthy almost to a fault. Others can easily influence Water Pigs, but Water Pigs are also good at influencing others to get what they want. They’re extremely social and enjoy having a good time. **Yup!**


Pigs are most compatible with a Rabbit or Goat and incompatible with the Monkey and Snake. **Calling all Rabbits and Goats!**
Taken from ChineseZodiac.com

So what your Chinese Zodiac and is it pretty close to who you are?

Good Times!

This weekend was fun. Friday we went to a movie then Saturday night we went to see a show. Good times!

We watch Paul Blart Mall Cop. I was so excited about seeing it! It was funny and fairly clean. I liked it tons. It had some awesome stunts by some X games pros, and was absolutely funny!

Then Saturday night we went to see Philmont, A Rotterdam Novemeber, and Capital Lights Play. It was a good concert. We've seen A Rotterdam Novemeber before and they were cool. They recognized Liz from the last show they were here. (It's always easy to remember the girl in a wheelchair vrs. the Asian girl)

In all the night was lots of fun and it was good to let loose dance and hang out with some of our youth kids.

We got to see some friends from California that often drives over the hill to see shows in Reno. They are crazy, but awesome girls. Then afterwards I made sure we got a group picture with A Rotterdam November, but David the lead singer disappeared. Oh well, my fav boy is in the picture at least. *blush*

*added* Oh and it was a good weekend for my roommate. She got Engaged on Saturday night! Yay! Congratulations Crissy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm so torn right now! To move to Ohio or not.

My co-worker in Canton told me that there's an one bedroom apartment opening across the hall from her in her apartment Building and of course the rent there is REALLY cheap compared to here. Also from what I saw it's an awesome complex.

It would be so much easier to move out there for work, but it's so hard for me to get to know people. I feel like I'm just opening up with people at my church and becoming friends with them there. I've been going there for almost over a year now.

Most of my friend here are telling me not to move. My sisters are telling me to get the hell out of Nevada. My mom is Freaking out!

It's not making this decision easy here, people!

There's so much to think about. I mean what about Shift Eight? I would really like to be apart of that still. Liz and I still have hopes and plans for where it will go. What's going to happen to them?

I keep telling myself not to think about it until it gets closer, but I'm a planner and need to think about it. If I do move, when will I got out there to secure a place to live? How will I move all my stuff out there? Who would I recruit to drive all the way out there with me? Would I sell my furniture and buy stuff in Ohio? Or would I need a Uhaul? Could I even handle driving one? Would I tow Frankie (my car) behind it? Would Frankie even make it? When would the move happen? I'll need to change my address for all my banks, loans, and bills.

Sorry. A little edgy about Gods plans for me at the moment.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm awful at this thing. Some day I will get better at it, maybe.
So here are my thoughts, very vague thoughts.
  • Boys are confusing, or maybe I think to much into things so I make it confusing.
  • I'm really considering starting over and moving to Canton but I don't think life is going to be different there.
  • Wondering if God just wants me to be single my whole life. I think I could do it. I just need to avoid weddings and babies.
  • I need to hang out with more people my age.
  • Responsibility, what that?
  • Need to think positive, especially at certain places.
yup other than that, I like how I helped out at Sunday school last Sunday and the lesson they taught the kids was in my Quiet Time this morning. I'm glad I'm on the same level as my 3 and 4 yr olds haha.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I giggle when I get nervous. 

The latest thing that made me giggle. 

This is at my new co-workers Dave's place. He saw that I was a little hesitant about getting on the horse so while Diana rode Marahute he showed me how to handle another horse. He and his wife train horse using the natural method. It's pretty much getting the horse to respond to you the way another horse would do it. It was pretty neat. Then I got on Marahute. She's a total sweet heart and even though I think I did aweful, she was nice to me. 

Here's pictures of Diana and Jackie (another co-worker) on horses. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So today I flew from Reno to LA, LA to Detroit, and Detroit to Canton. 

It was interesting, I'm being lazy so I'm going to do it bullet points then go to bed. :D
  • Left Reno at 6:25, was freaking out about being late cause we only have a hour layover in LA
  • Got to LA and had to book it to another terminal and go through Security AGAIN. They are way more strict there too. 
  • Went straight to gate and got on the plane. Then it was four hours to Detroit. 
  • Played cards with Diana and chewed on jerky to keep from starving. 
  • Got to Detroit and had more pleasant of a time waiting for next flight, but did not enjoy seeing all the snow!
  • Ate first meal of day at Fuddruckers
  • Got on to a small jumper plane to Canton. 
  • Got to hotel, tried to find a restaurant that was still open after 8:30 pm, (we're not in Reno anymore..)
  • Ate at hotel (everywhere else is closed on Sunday) 
  • Now I'm blogging then off to bed. 
That was my travel day. :D

Friday, January 9, 2009


I don't know what to say really. I just felt a need to write. 
I need to write on here more. 

For a long time I told myself that I'm too busy to focus on certain stuff. Too busy to be responsible; too busy to focus on being in a relationship.

Now I have time. I'm debating about doing some social stuff, like joining the "old man band" or continuing on in the American Sign Language studies. But I kind of like the time to just hang out at home with  no plans, just being home listening music, watching TV or reading. 

It's a nice break, not having to be at work, in class, or at a club meeting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So yesterday a bunch of my friends from high school were posting condolences on Myspace. So I asked them what happened. I found out one of my friends from high school little brother and girlfriend died in a car accident.

I didn't really know them but my heart and prayers go out to the families. It's rough when that happens. They had to be at least 20 or so.

When I found out where they were going when they crashed I got more upset. They were going to Boise. It's hard because to go from Elko to Boise you have to drive through this windy pass between Owahee and Mountain Home. It sucks and is scary. My family has gotten stranded there one time.

It's hard because two years ago a friend died on that same area. So it's hard because it makes me think of the injustice his family had to go through because of it. He was ran off the road by a pick up truck that was tailing him. He was following his family back to Elko and when the truck almost ran his parents off the road they were confused why he wasn't behind them anymore. So they turned around saw the skid marks and the car in the rivene. The truck kept going.

There was so much anger when I heard the story. I wondered if the jerk driving the truck knew what they did? How they would have felt for killing someone? How would they feel to know that it broke a family, that they will never be the same? Would you still drive like crap and tail a person on a dangerous part of a highway?

All theses emotion came flooding back when I heard about the the two new lives that, that dangerous highway took away from two other families.