Friday, October 24, 2008


So here's what I learned. I'm not quite sure where to start and I'll most likely be all over the place.

Thanks to everyone's advice, but much to say I'm not going to date the atheist. Here's why, I'm obviously not strong enough to defend my faith to them when it comes to apolgetics and the questioning who is right and who's not. I'm waiting for the guy that God has made Comparable to me. Not Compatable but comparable.

Confused? This is what I learned God often times doesn't match us up with the people that we think we would most likely be compatable with. It's not like EHarmony where you take compatability tests. God matches us up with people that we can be comparable with. God is matching me up with someone whose strength is my weakness and my weakness is his strength. Someone whose not exactly who I would think I'd be with or match the guys that I'm saying I like. That's what makes him not compatable with me. I can't pick and choose who I want, what they look like, and their personality. I need to trust that God will bring someone into my life that I'm comaprable with, so that we both can follow, love, fellowship, and worship God together.

So I'm resting. Resting? You may ask. In college and career night we talked about Adam. How Adam and Eve are the prime example of what relationships should be like. When God Created the Heavens, the earth, The sky, and the creaters of the land, air, and sea. God created Adam in his likeness. God then had Adam name all the creaters that he had created. So as each creater strolled up in pairs Adam names them. It never occured to me that Adam could have possibly realized that all these creaters he saw came by in groups of two and yet there was only one of Adam. Did Adam go running through the Garden of Eden looking for his mate?

No instead he went to sleep, God had placed a deep sleep over Adam and then took from him one rib and created Eve about of the ribs of Adam and mud. Before Eve there was no other person for Adam to be focus on but God. Adam fully loved God first then Eve. When Adam awoke and saw Eve he loved her as she was. It's even said that part of the reason why Adam ate off the tree of life was so that Eve wouldn't be punished alone that together they may reep the consiquences of Eve's actions.

So what did I get from this. Before I can love another person I need to love God. I also need to rest, stop searching, and pressuring God, because maybe the Man God has picked out for me isn't ready yet. Maybe he like me needs to right his heart with God. Or maybe he's waiting patiently for me to right my heart with God. All I know is, I need to rest from wondering and looking for someone that's compatable with me and wait for the person the God made comparable to me.

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Diana said...

WOW Sarah - this is very very profound. I think you hit it on the head, dead square on the head. Let go and let God. Good for you for seeing this.

Another thought that crossed my mind as I read your post, regarding dating an atheist. I was talking about this with a Christian girlfriend, and she made a reference to God wanting us to be "equally yoked."

Maybe you have, but I hadn't heard the expression and I had her explain it to me. She said, if you were to harness two ox to a wagon, one far stronger than the other (in this case, you with your faith), that it puts an unfair burden on that stronger ox to carry a heavier load than the weaker ox. Being equally yoked in faith allows both to grow together in their faith.

Sounds like you already understand that concept though