Monday, March 2, 2009

I Suck at Snowboarding.

This weekend was amazing. I love working with youth kids. Maybe it's because I wish I was still 18. It started out a little crazy though. At first I wasn't sure if I was needed to rent a 15 passenger van or to drive my car. We didn't do either.

We ended up having a 5 car caravan, where we all manage to get lost or separated some how. For me, it would not have be a road trip is there weren't a few u-turns made haha!

Friday was a fun night of games, fellowship, and worship. I played the guitar and led worship, it was the first time I did that by myself. I'm use to having my friend Mikey play with me. I totally freaked out and messed up my first song. After that I was ok. :D

Tanner did a lesson on worship, which was really good it seemed like the kids were really listening to him. Then it was time for the boys and girls to separate to their ends of the condo we were staying in. It was so much fun playing games and getting to know the girls. We played Christian Blurt where a girl named Kayla kicked our butts.

Then it was early up to make breakfast, have some quite time reading James 4, and a mini talk about James 4. Then it was mayhem getting all the people ready to go in the cars and then off to Diamond peak!

It was good we were surprisingly organized when it came to getting the rental gear and to the lessons. I went with the girls for our lesson where we had Andrew (who was pretty!) as our teacher and I totally ate it. I wasn't really trying though, but I'm not going to lie I sucked! It's been a while since I've skateboarded and I couldn't get comfortable with the board cause of my bad left ankle and bad right knee.

In the end though it was so much fun! I rolled my way down the beginners hill. I'm sore mainly on my right side and I got to know some of the youth kids. They are awesome. I hope I can continue to be apart of their lives and just encourage them.

Oh and my friend Keith offered to go snowboarding with me again, so hopefully this time I'll try a little harder and not fall as much. :D

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