Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old Messages

So I'm going through and cleaning out my myspace inbox and here are some interesting things I'm findings.

I use to have a disclaimer about how I want to be friends with people who genuinely want to be my friend, not another Asian chick to add to this list. Yeah saw a few messages from random guys asking to be my friend and their friend list is all half naked Asians. I laughed.

Then there's messages like this
ng a ling, kinda like ring a ding. haha all well. hi

I gave advice that I need to hear now. 
Hey! So today at church the sermon was about relationships and marriage it made me think of you and I decided to share. 

I got a lot out of this sermon, because I tend to want a boyfriend more than God at times, and so it was really helpful to me.

It was based off of 1 Corinthians 7. 
The main points of the talk was that
1. You should marry/be in a relationship with only a fellow believer (2 Cor. 6:14)
2. You should Marry/ be in a relationship with someone who feels the same way you do about God (Your passions, purpose and calling) Just because they are Christian (or claim to be)- Doesn't mean they are a good/God match
3. They should compliment you and be a help in fulfilling your God-Given calling.
4. You should be ready to accept the responsibilities and added concerns that go with Marriage/Relationship.

Singleness isn't a disease. Find out what God is calling you to do before finding that person to be with. Find that person that has the same passions as you. Find the person that compliments you, the person that helps you to be the person you both want to be together. 

Have patience. God will bring the person he has picked out for you someday.
I learned that when I was having Identity problems with going on a mission trip and having my parents permission without dishonoring them some of my non christians friends stepped up with advice that was quite meaning full. 

Alright, I may not be the best Christian, and sometimes I wonder even if I am anymore, but here goes... When God asked Moses to talk to Pharaoh to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, he complained, "Who am I to go to Pharaoh?" Moses was also risking possible death to appear before Pharaoh, but God was with him. Even though he had to keep trying, he eventually succeeded because God was with him. I know God is with you you Sarah, you're an amazing girl, I'm sure if you ask God to soften your Parents heart, or help them understand, I'm sure they'll say yes. I hope this has been helpful. See ya at practice....
It was more helpful than what some of my Christians friends told me. 

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