Sunday, June 15, 2008

I ♥ The Almost

Went and saw Army of Me, Envy on the Coast, and The Almost last night. LOVE IT!!! The show in all was cool. Sound was kind of crappy. Army of Me did a acoustic set, because on of the band members had to go to a wedding. It was still cool.

I love small shows cause people can hang out with the artists. I got to hang out and talk to Vince the singer of Army of Me. Cool dude, Kind of awkward because I couldn't her him talking half the time so he had to lean in close for me to hear him... :S

I totally appreciate the guys in Envy on the Coast. They stopped playing to tell the little punks that were punching random people and starting fights to stop. Most bands would ignore it and keep going, but these guys didn't. It was cool. At least in my book it was.

Then highlight of my night! The Almost!!! Aaron Gillespie the lead singer of the Almost stop and took the time to talk about Jesus. It was a short little speech, but it's stuff like that, that can plant seeds.

Oh and waiting for this was worth it.....

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