Monday, June 23, 2008

Smokey The Bear

Blood Sugars: 157

It's insanely smokey here, and it's affecting people's respiratory problems. There are over 600 fires in California. It's insane it you look at here, it looks like the whole state is on fire! There's a Cal Fire page that gives more details to all the fires going. It's intense! I also go a prayer request about an elderly couple that refused to evacuate when they were told and now can't because their home are is surrounded by fires and is too smokey to navigate out. 

Here's the e-mail:

My Mother and step father live about 13 miles northwest of Woodleaf, California.  She just called me on the phone.  There is a forest fire about 3 miles east of them.  And a fire about 2 miles south of them.  And a fire about one mile west of them and another fire north of them about ½ mile to the north.  They did not head the warning to leave when they could and now the roads are closed.  Cinders about the size of your finger are falling on the A-frame house.  The smoke is so thick you can barely see 20 feet.  They refuse to leave as they say they have no where to go. (That is just not true)  They are determined to fight the fire on their own.  The are 85 years old and should know better.  Please pray for their safety. I believe it will take an act of God to save even their very lives.

Such a scary time. 
Lord God,
I just pray that you help protect the families near the fires and that they may be able to exit to a safe spot Lord God. For those who can't evacuate their homes, lord I just pray that you put a ring of protection around them. I pray for this woman's parents and that you protect them, bring them to safety, and that they stay in good health with all the smoke in the air. I pray that the smoke doesn't effect too many people Lord. And I pray that you be with the fire fighters as they work hard and overtime to put out and contain these fires. 

In Jesus Name

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