Thursday, June 12, 2008


Blood Sugars:
Wednesday: 201!!!!
Today: 170

I don't get it! I ate healthy all day on Tuesday and I wake up the next day and it's 201??? Someone said it could be the fruit. There's no winning with this! Eat candy it's bad, drink fruit juice it's bad, eat certain fruits it's bad, eat carbs it's way bad! Ugh!

But I have been working out every day. I even started Curves Smart. It's cool, they give you this card that you put into the machines and it's programed to your age weight and how you manage the machine, so that every workout pushes you differently to help burn more calories. Also my friend and possible new roommate goes with me! It's nice.

So the other day, I went and saw Honda Civic Tour. It was ok. Going to secular music concerts always remind me how much I love appreciate Christian bands and artist. It always nice going to a concert where the bands aren't cussing, and "buzzed" on stage.

The concert was fun, I was excited for the chance to see Phantom Planet again. The last time I saw them was 4 years ago. Their new stuff is good, but I like their old stuff more. All the bands were pretty good and entertaining. Other than the slew of cussing and the mobs of drunk people.

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