Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I just got a phone call reminding me that I have my next Endocrine appointment on Thursday. Which means I have to leave class early and get there and present my new student insurance card and fork over more money since that office isn't covered by my insurance.

Long story short, I have the student insurance that my current Endocrine Doctor isn't on, but the ones that are covered aren't accepting new patients so I can't go to them. Which sucks because of the fact that I have kidney damage means I need to see a specialist and that means staying with the doctor I'm at and paying more money. I like my doctor though. I'm just POOR!

So my last appointment really made me upset, cause I pretty much was told that my Hemoglobin level went up to a scary percentage and that I need to check myself or else I'm in big trouble. So I did, I signed up for Curves and I stopped eating out as much, and I made an effort to eat healthier.

I started out committing to testing my sugar levels regularly (I failed at that), taking my pills daily (which I failed at when I found out how expensive they are when you don't have any more prescription benefits), and to exercise. The only on I succeeded at was going to the gym. Only because I'm POOR and better make this monthly expenditure worth it.

So hopefully I'll have good news for you tomorrow. If not I'll become very emo, and it's not a pretty sight.

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