Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The VMA's

So a few nights ago was the VMA's. It's the first time since..... well ever that I actually sat down and watch the whole thing. Well I can't say I watched the whole thing. I was doing my homework at the same time. :D
As I was listening to what was going it was amazing to me at how many people were thanking God. I might sound critical but are they really truely thanking God is it an action? So they truely know what it's like to life for God? The only reason why I say this is because I heard Lil' Wayne give thanks to God, but earlier in the night he had performed a song that half of it you couldn't hear because they censored out all the cuss words, and what you could hear wasn't very moral. Also given that the whole performance his pants were below his butt. I mean it's great that these artist know about God but who is telling them, feeding them, keeping them accountable?

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