Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Could I do it?

So this morning I started reading 1 Samuel. Overview of the 1st chapter is that Hannah is one of Elkanah wives and she couldn't have children but Elkanah still loved her more than his other wife who succeeded in have many kids for him. Which caused the other wife to torment and ridicule Hannah constantly. So one day Hannah goes to the temple and prays so hard to be given a son that the priest thought she was drunk. While she was praying she tells God that if he gives her a son she promises that she would give the son to the Lord.

So what happens? God blesses her with a son and onces he has been weaned she takes him to the temple so that he may serve the Lord.

So as I was driving to work I was thinking could I do it? If I wanted something so badly as to ask for it then say once I get it I will give it away, could I do it? Could you?

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