Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Blood Sugars 149

Lifes crazy!!! So I interviewed with Wells Fargo. Didn't get the Job. I wanted to work there, so that I can later advance into the IS field. What better way to do that too, I can analyzing the systems for Tellers and I would know what to fix cause I worked on them. Oh well, it wasn't where God wanted me to be. I'm going to hold off of the Job search for while.

So tomorrow is the town hall meeting concerning the budget cuts at UNR. I kind of feel hopeless about it. Even if we manage to save the band it would be mostly student ran, no scholarships, and Sully (Mr. Sullivan) will still most likely be fired. It sucks and sad.

There's been quite a bit of media coverage of it too. Here's an article that was in the RGJ. But us band geeks (university and high school), plus the Reno Phil, Reno Chamber Orchestra, Maytan Music, Absolute Music, Sparks Music, Toccata, and UNR Band Alumni are all going to be outside of it. Horns blaring and playing the Fight Song and Alma Matter (which the University made us stop playing last year... there goes tradition.)

All pictures I got from jlixdixon13's Flickr Page. It's got tons of awesome Nevada Pictures. The picture of the guy with the blue face and wig. I've painted that face for Basketball games for 5 years. I'm going to miss doing that stuff, I was the face painting guru... I had to pass off the bag o' goodies to the next face painting guru.

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