Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends are Good.

So last night I got to hang out with these guys.  They are amazing.  I talked about them in my last post, and I'm still amazed at how blessed I am to know them.  They came over and hung out. We watched some TV and chatted. Then we went to see the midnight showing of Step Brothers.

I thought it was good-ish. There was a few scenes that were not o.k. It explained why it was rated R.   It was funny, especially the appearance of chewbacca in a few scenes!  Other than the raunchiness it was funny. 

After the movies we said our goodbyes and life goes on.  I guess I say that because it's nice to just take a step out of everyday life and hang out with friends.  In a way I feel special knowing that I'm friends with guys in a rock band, but at the same time they are just incredible people sharing the message of God to people. This is their mission, what Gods leading them to do. Even though it's a tough time to be touring and paying for gas, they still take the time to come out and share God's word. 

I love that every time I get to hang out with them I get to just sit back and see that they are normal people with a passion to share God's word. I love them for that and I can't say it enough at how much they enrich my life through their music and through their friendship.  


Rob Woods said...

I've been interested in seeing that movie, any good?

Ng said...

It was really funny. A little raunchy in some parts.