Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night I went and saw A Current Affair, Ever Stays Red, and The Fold play. All three bands are incredibly awesome and the concert was a blast. The lead singer of the Fold pointed this out and I agree. It's only at a Christian concert where three different groups with different styles and get together and play a concert and have one thing in common and that is God. It's true you have the hard rock/screamo sound of A Current Affair to a rock worship band of Every Stays Red and then the indie rock sound of the Fold.

It's awesome because I can bring friends and the variety of the sounds will appeal to any of them, and I love the small concert too because afterwards we get to meet the artist. I remember bring my friend Melody to a ESR concert way back when she still lived in town and it was fun going out to In-n-Out with the bands afterward and hanging out.

I really needed something like this. It reminds me of how great God is and just how amazed I am at the people God has put in my life. Just knowing the Ever Stays Red guys and the fact that they recognize me, say hi, and give me hugs just makes all the troubles go away. I'm the shy girl that has to put her self out there to recognized and with them I don't have to do anything. (well maybe it was because Liz and I went to AZ, borrow a car from them, then went to see them at all the concerts they did in their home area, then help them load up after the concerts, then accidentally forgetting my cell phone at their church and haveing to have them mail it to parents cause I was leaving for Thailand the next week.)

Yup it's totally a God thing. :)

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