Friday, August 22, 2008


Have you ever just sat back and taken in the people that are around you and see how amazing it is that God bring a group of people together? We are all so different and yet we are connected through our Savior that brings us together.

Last night I was conversing with Taryn, she goes to my church and I realized last night that I really don't know a lot about her and her husband. I mean I knew they were into a lot of stuff when they met. But their story is just truly a blessing to know.

It isn't one of those things where I don't care to know what's going on with people I interact with, it's just that there hasn't been a chance to get to know people. I go to a church that is a "church in a box." We meet in an elementary gymnasium. We don't have a building, yet. We'll get one someday,

Every Sunday I'm at the elementary school by 8 am to help set up chairs, childrens church, and the stage. Then it's time to practice for worship, then church. Afterwards I stick around to help tear down. I don't mind helping but I feel that I don't connect with people at the church cause I'm so busy setting up or tearing down.

So it's nice to go to a small group and just talk to some people around my age and just take it in. Take in life stories of people like Taryn and her husbands struggles. It's encouraging. It's amazing how God can change a person life and use them for His ministry. I think I'll save Taryn Story for a PPT. With permission of course.

Prayer Request
My friend just moved to Las Vegas for Grad School. She isn't Christian and her car got broken into a few days ago. She's been living in hotel rooms until she can find a place to stay. They took two large suitcases for clothes, a keyboard, and over a $1,000 worth of sheet music.

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