Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So this is something that was brought up in bible study the other night that I thought was pretty much the coolest analogy I have ever heard. 

It's a few days before Jesus is to be crucified and he's at the home of Lazarus, the man whom Jesus rose from the dead. While he's sitting in the home of Lazarus, Mary (Lazarus's sister) comes out with a small alabaster jar of  nard, a very expensive perfume that cost a years salary.  She takes the jar and pours it over Jesus' feet and then wipes his feet clean with her hair. 

Now this is a woman that gets it.  The Disciples were mad and wondered why she didn't just sell the perfume since it was worth so much money. She understood what it was that Jesus was trying to tell the disciples that night. He was predicting his death and sacrifice and Mary was anointing him for his burial. She was truly worshiping Jesus. 

That night, do you think the disciples truly understood what was going on? Did they truly worship Jesus and gave all that they have for him? What do you think they smelt like as they left Lazarus's home? 

They left smelling like flesh. What did Mary smell of? She smelt of true sweet perfume of worship. 

I want to be that person that leaves, not smelling of flesh but of all of sweet perfume of Jesus' Grace. 

I'm sorry I couldn't explain it in a more cool full of details way. I was just so moved by this revelation. 

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