Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lake Tahoe Music Camp

So I'm finally settling down enough to write a post.  LTMC was a blast. It wasn't as bad as we were afraid it was going to be.  The counselors had their differences, but since it was our third year working together we were able to get past all the issues and work things out. 

I had the older girls again and they were a blessing cause I got really sick this year and they took care of me and themselves. 

So here's just a quick run down of the week. 
  • I got sick
  • Got attacked by a kayak
  • Showed off my sound gear knowledge 
  • Got bit by a Spider or something funky
  • Rocked the lip sync with a 80's mix and a small clip from the Rite of Spring. (random I know)
  • Had the best skit ever (it was a musical, video soonish)
  • Rocked out as an old person
  • Sang my "My Heart Will Go On" one too many times. :P 
  • Broken windows
Here's some pictures!

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