Monday, November 10, 2008

All By Myself

Well. I have the office to myself this weekend. Just me the XM Radio and the Pool Table. Hopefully it will be productive. It's not the first time it was just me in the office. :D Someday I'll get to go to PubCon.

My Weekend in Bullet Point
  • Went to Washoe Valley for a Revival. It went ok I think the next time around it will be better. I definitely need to learn to be more social in groups of people I don't know really well.
  • Went to Chad's Vocal Recital at Trinity Episcopal Church. It was interesting. The theme was embracing love and Chad's journey through it and accepting his Sexuality.
  • Stared at the amazing creation of a pipe organ.
  • Joked around with Lana about how cute someone at the concert hall is. (which for Lana to say that means something! Maybe She'll like guys.)
  • Helped out at Children's church this weekend. I was the tickle monster again. Fun times!
  • Totally chilled in my room and did all the stuff I needed to get done. So nice to do nothing for a afternoon.
  • Address graduation announcements! 25 days away!! AH!

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