Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Much to Say

So I This weekend for pack with so much stuff that I don't know how to explain it all. I'll do it in bullets.

  • Worked most of the day at PPM and had lunch with Diana.
  • Hung out at home then went and saw the Midnight showing of TMCC's production of Sweenet Todd. Incredible!
  • Cleaned House
  • Went to a surprise Birthday Party for Becky
  • Played ImagineIff
  • Went Grocery Shopping (that was interesting but I'm not going to tell why cause it's just not nice)
  • Church It wasn't bad. Set up and tear down was super fast!
  • Taught someone how to Crochet
  • Went to Costco and got yelled at for going in the wrong door. Oops! He could have been just a little nicer though.
  • Went to my group meeting with Costco Pizza in hand
  • Made a ERD (Sort of)
  • Went to the Waiting Ends, A Current Affair, The Wedding, and Wavorly Show. AWESOME!
So that's about it. Busy but fun Weekend.

I was going to attempt a Positive Post Tuesday post but I feel a little let down today. So I'm not feeling to postive. Sorry.

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Diana said...

YAY ... and lunch on Friday was fun. Thursday Sarah and I are gonna work remotely from a coffee shop. Or a book store ... or some place more cool than a quiet office.