Monday, November 10, 2008

This is considered Computer Science?

I was looking ahead in my computer science class (Miracle I know!) and I saw that the homework assignment due next week is this:

1. For next Monday (11/17), conduct some research on diabetes. Find out from verifiable resources what the chances are of different age groups contracting either Type I or Type II diabetes. Make sure you find up to date references because the statistics have been significantly changing in the past few years. Turn in the answers to the following questions in the standard printed (not handwritten) form, and show your references at the end of your paper.

a. Explain what Type I and Type II diabetes are, and what the significant differences are between the two.
b. Can diabetes be cured?
Provide evidence for your answer.
c. Can diabetes be prevented?
Provide evidence for your answer.
d. Who is most at risk for diabetes?
What age ranges, what ethnicities, what countries or continents, etc.
- provide the percentage probabilities you find for the various groups

What?!? Atleast I'm pro at telling the difference between type one and type two Diabetes. By the way I have type two diabetes. Fun times!

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Liz said...

haha...maybe the prof is worried that they have it and don't wanna pay for a doctor or do the searching themselves...that is strange!