Sunday, January 11, 2009


So today I flew from Reno to LA, LA to Detroit, and Detroit to Canton. 

It was interesting, I'm being lazy so I'm going to do it bullet points then go to bed. :D
  • Left Reno at 6:25, was freaking out about being late cause we only have a hour layover in LA
  • Got to LA and had to book it to another terminal and go through Security AGAIN. They are way more strict there too. 
  • Went straight to gate and got on the plane. Then it was four hours to Detroit. 
  • Played cards with Diana and chewed on jerky to keep from starving. 
  • Got to Detroit and had more pleasant of a time waiting for next flight, but did not enjoy seeing all the snow!
  • Ate first meal of day at Fuddruckers
  • Got on to a small jumper plane to Canton. 
  • Got to hotel, tried to find a restaurant that was still open after 8:30 pm, (we're not in Reno anymore..)
  • Ate at hotel (everywhere else is closed on Sunday) 
  • Now I'm blogging then off to bed. 
That was my travel day. :D

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