Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So yesterday a bunch of my friends from high school were posting condolences on Myspace. So I asked them what happened. I found out one of my friends from high school little brother and girlfriend died in a car accident.

I didn't really know them but my heart and prayers go out to the families. It's rough when that happens. They had to be at least 20 or so.

When I found out where they were going when they crashed I got more upset. They were going to Boise. It's hard because to go from Elko to Boise you have to drive through this windy pass between Owahee and Mountain Home. It sucks and is scary. My family has gotten stranded there one time.

It's hard because two years ago a friend died on that same area. So it's hard because it makes me think of the injustice his family had to go through because of it. He was ran off the road by a pick up truck that was tailing him. He was following his family back to Elko and when the truck almost ran his parents off the road they were confused why he wasn't behind them anymore. So they turned around saw the skid marks and the car in the rivene. The truck kept going.

There was so much anger when I heard the story. I wondered if the jerk driving the truck knew what they did? How they would have felt for killing someone? How would they feel to know that it broke a family, that they will never be the same? Would you still drive like crap and tail a person on a dangerous part of a highway?

All theses emotion came flooding back when I heard about the the two new lives that, that dangerous highway took away from two other families.

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Diana said...

Just now getting to reading blogs ...

Your reaction is not uncommon at all. In my experience, after you've felt the loss of someone you cared about, other deaths will trigger the old emotions all over again.

Even if the (more recent) loss isn't someone as close to you as the first, sometime as strong as they hit you the first time.

The new loss reminds you of your loss and you feel your pain and upset all over again.

Grief is a multi faceted beast.