Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm so torn right now! To move to Ohio or not.

My co-worker in Canton told me that there's an one bedroom apartment opening across the hall from her in her apartment Building and of course the rent there is REALLY cheap compared to here. Also from what I saw it's an awesome complex.

It would be so much easier to move out there for work, but it's so hard for me to get to know people. I feel like I'm just opening up with people at my church and becoming friends with them there. I've been going there for almost over a year now.

Most of my friend here are telling me not to move. My sisters are telling me to get the hell out of Nevada. My mom is Freaking out!

It's not making this decision easy here, people!

There's so much to think about. I mean what about Shift Eight? I would really like to be apart of that still. Liz and I still have hopes and plans for where it will go. What's going to happen to them?

I keep telling myself not to think about it until it gets closer, but I'm a planner and need to think about it. If I do move, when will I got out there to secure a place to live? How will I move all my stuff out there? Who would I recruit to drive all the way out there with me? Would I sell my furniture and buy stuff in Ohio? Or would I need a Uhaul? Could I even handle driving one? Would I tow Frankie (my car) behind it? Would Frankie even make it? When would the move happen? I'll need to change my address for all my banks, loans, and bills.

Sorry. A little edgy about Gods plans for me at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Don't plan for anything but God to move you. Pray. Spend time with Him. Have some quiet time. Be excited about Him.

I don't know if this helps, but stop listening to other people about this. It is between you and God right now. Then they can have their say.

Ng said...

Thanks, I definitely need to spend more time praying about this.

Jenny and James said...

Well I hope you're able to make a decision that you feel good about! Good luck!