Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Times!

This weekend was fun. Friday we went to a movie then Saturday night we went to see a show. Good times!

We watch Paul Blart Mall Cop. I was so excited about seeing it! It was funny and fairly clean. I liked it tons. It had some awesome stunts by some X games pros, and was absolutely funny!

Then Saturday night we went to see Philmont, A Rotterdam Novemeber, and Capital Lights Play. It was a good concert. We've seen A Rotterdam Novemeber before and they were cool. They recognized Liz from the last show they were here. (It's always easy to remember the girl in a wheelchair vrs. the Asian girl)

In all the night was lots of fun and it was good to let loose dance and hang out with some of our youth kids.

We got to see some friends from California that often drives over the hill to see shows in Reno. They are crazy, but awesome girls. Then afterwards I made sure we got a group picture with A Rotterdam November, but David the lead singer disappeared. Oh well, my fav boy is in the picture at least. *blush*

*added* Oh and it was a good weekend for my roommate. She got Engaged on Saturday night! Yay! Congratulations Crissy!

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